Friday, April 1, 2011


Burningwood still exists! Ive just been preoccupied with a server I was playing on, However I have found a cool mod that gives me limitless resources so I'm building Burningwood with Gusto once more and built a Barracks.
I'm also using a Rome themed texture pack that looks sweet.

This my beautiful fort, essentially its there to keep the criminals pissing their pants and to stop any EVIL CULTISTS OF EVUL from attacking.

This is the main hall, supplies and paintings are seen, as well as a maintenance room, which exists only for the fucking door bell...

here we see the second part of the second floot, leading to the second floor, under city tunnel system as well as to the dark room that totally isnt a torture chamber. 

Just you're average obsidian room... Nothing going on here

See, not a torture room, A SIGN says so, signs never lie.

The second floor, where the grunts sleep and have confusing dreams

And the tower, big tower, Creepers be warned, we have a tower

There is more to show you but I plan on doing BEDA (Blog Every Day April) so need all the material I can get!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dragon Age 2: Review

I completed Dragon Age 2 about a week ago and I have my verdict. Dragon Age 2 is a good game but is different. Dragon Age suffers a common problem within Video games and Music, it isnt as good as the original, Sequels will always be compared to the original as they should be but with Bioware this gets a little trickier. Dragon Age: Origins was such a good game that any sequel was going to suffer. It had dam near perfect characters and storylines.
Dragon Age 2 isnt quite as good.. It coulnt never be but it is still a really good game. Its an amazing game living in the shadow of its bigger brother.

The Pros

- More interactive gameplay without removing the strategy elements
- Interesting Characters (especially Varric and Fenris (Who has an amazing voice actor))
- Beautiful locations
- Dog is now summonable creature (So actually useful)
- Amazing ending (I was up till 4am on a college night just to finish it)
- Elves have been improved, they feel like a different race now

The Cons

- Story takes a while to get interesting
- Locations are limited and repeated
- Only one city
- Only one high dragon (Seriously guys, its called dragon age...)
- Serious lack of allister (Only a cameo)

The Random (as well as vague tips)

- Every companion who is romancable is bi-sexual
- You have the option of genociding an entire society
- All magic users are ass holes (Did Ned Flanders write the story?)
- The Qunari are not as fun as Sten makes them seem
- Never trust women (Barney Stinson may also have been involved in the writing process)
- You can no longer control companions armor so Dragon Armor is pointless for Mages and Rogues (Sell it)
- Hawke is a bit off a cock (new voice actor badly needed)

Is it worth buying?
Yes, especially if you love action and RPG
It is a very good game just not as good
Go into that game knowing its not Origins and you'll love it
Dragon Age 3 will hopefully be a lot better =D

I played this on the Xbox 360

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dragon Age 2 First Thoughts

So Dragon Age 2 was released yesterday in Ireland and well
Its pretty dam good
The fighting is fun, the characters are daycent and the story is, so far at least, pretty good
Things that could be better?
Why cant i customise the armor of my supporting characters?
It isnt as RPGish as the previous game
More mass effecty... If i wanted Mass Effect, ill Play Mass Effect

Still, a very good game! Very enjoyable and my nit picking is just that... Nit picking, this is a very fun game

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So like many a nerd, I play minecraft!

So i thought I'd give you a little tour

This is my castle, featuring Blacksmith and lava tower.

My bedroom within my Castle

The Aqueduct that connects my castle to my first mine, this was originally going to be a canal but i didn't make it big enough to fit a boat on, that's a lesson kids, PLAN AHEAD

The Forest Village and part of my railway 

My rail way in all its glory
The Village of Burningwood, a town in the making
When its finished ill give you a tour
Built so far, Temple of Notch and the Bank!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Real Life Superhero

In the dark streets of Dublin, crime rages and only one man can stand against the tide.
The Purple Avenger prowls the streets defending justice.

I followed him around with a Camera
This is him

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skyrim Gameplay Trailer

So, here it is, the first look at Syrims game play. I can't wait, this looks awesome.
11.11.11 cant come any sooner.

If you haven't played Oblivion, you really need to. One of the greatest games to grace the PS3, X-Box 360 and the PC
You can pick this game up for like 20 quid, even less if pre owned and you'll want to so you can fully appreciate Syrim. RPG nerds of the world unite!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 5 Most Awesome Final Fantasy Characters

 So it's wednesday! Which means its Nerd-day! Yeah i'm working on a schedule now, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. One of said days will be music, the other 2 will be nerdy things!

So it seemed a little unfair to just do a list of the most annoying characters so here is a list of my 5 favourite characters. Final Fantasy has its golden moments where it makes these awesome characters who everyone remembers. Well should remember, for some reason people only remember Cloud and whats his face, Sephiroth.

Anyway here is my list! Hope you enjoy, comment below on who would make your list.

No. 5 - Zidane

I love 9, it's my favourite of all the games okay! Zidane is part of that reason. Unlike Cloud, Tidus and Vaan (Annoying Emo Kids) He actually stands for something. He isn't fighting for some selfish ambition of revenge or to get home. No, he fights only to help Vivi and Garnet (Okay he did want to tap that as well) regardless! He was a true gentleman, and he kept me laughing with his teasing of Steiner.

The only main character worth a dam. (This list is VII and beyond) His tail didnt even ruin  him for me, at all. I know that seems unfair seeing as I gave out about Frans rabbit ears but this is my list, I dont need to be fair and balanced!

No. 4 - Cid

Cid is a bad ass, spear wielding, cigarette smoking, loud mouthed airship captain who was the real leader of the Team Save the World in FF7. This character just reeked badassness. He kicked ass, he cursed and he had a spear. In a world where everyone uses guns it takes a bad ass to use a spear (Tifa gets credit for using her fists) Cid was by far my favourite Final Fantasy 7 character, i was insulted when he only got like 2 lines in Advent Children.

No. 3 - Balthier

Balthier was Final Fantasy 12s most redeeming feature. He's a freaking sky pirate! With some of the best dialogue in any Final Fantasy game. This character is the definition of cool. The real protagonist of FF 12 with a real back story, unlike Vaan (Wawawa you're an orphan, we get it!)
His gun was pretty sweet too, he was the only character where I actually bothered keeping them with their original weapon just because it looked sweet. This game should have focused more on him and less on Vaan.

No. 2 - Auron

Auron was Final Fantasy X's saving grace. A big ass dude with a big ass sword and limited but always awesome dialogue. Not to mention the fact that even dying didn't stop this crazy son of a bitch.

He's a fucking Tank, nothing stops Auron, nothing. He even looks cool, just look at his outfit and before his overdrives he takes a sip of alcohol. Bad Ass.

No. 1 - Vivi

I doubt anyone saw this coming but Vivi is without a doubt the finest character to ever grace this game. A heartfelt story, he looks cool and he's a total bad ass. Vivi was the perfect character, if you don't believe me, play 9 again and really focus on him, he's perfect. Well except his Grandad...

But regardless, i love Vivi, hes not only my favourite FF characters of all time but one of my favourite Video game characters of all time.