Monday, November 8, 2010

America, what the fuck?

So, if you follow American news at all you'll know that the Democrats lost the house, my question... Why?
So I'll answer my own question, the republicans won the house because the people are mad that the democrats haven't fixed the republicans mess fast enough?
Ehm... WHAT?! America.. This Demotivator sums you up pretty well

But no, clearly I'm just being ignorant because it was Obama who was in power when the recession hit... and Obama who was in power when the Iraq war started and Obama who destroyed Alderan..
Yeah, if you voted Republican, I wont feel sympathy when America crashes and burns.

Adam out...


  1. I agree, I see Obama doing more for this country then Bush ever did, if people really think he can fix what Bush left ofr him in 2 years they are sorely mistaken.

    But the Repubs are in office now, why havne't they fixed anything? chop chop!......

  2. i totaly agree with you on this one dude :D