Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 Most Annoying Final Fantasy Characters - Part 2

5. Eiko - The little summoner who couldn't, this little moron wouldn't have been so bad had she not chosen to comment on everything! She does not shut up, ever. She's like 6 years old and is obsessed with Zidane. It isn't funny or cute it's just annoying and she never stops. EVER. Beware of this girl, she joins the game late but when she joins she makes up for what she missed.
Also she just isn't that useful a character, she is a watered down version of Garnet. I'll just stick with Garnet thanks, 16 is slightly less weird than 6. Square shouldn't use so many kids, it's getting weird.

4. Cait Sith - A talking cat riding a robot demon moogle. That is all

3. Yuna - A vapid pushover with a retarded sense of duty. So Retarded even Tidus realised she was a moron. Which is saying a lot. The girl was horribly voice acted and no sympathy could be given to her when you consider the kind of choices the little moron made.

Towards the end of the game i became Jaded with her and Tidus' bad romance. It was just bad, very bad. Badly written I mean, why does she love him? Because he laughed that one time? Or because he screamed real loud that same time?

About as believable as Attack of the Clones love story.

Which brings us into number 2.

2. Tidus  - Who ever decided to give Ellen Degeneres a sword clearly had their priorities wrong. Very wrong. This character has all the same problems as Yuna and then some. The "Main Character" Its his "Story". Even though it's clearly Yunas story, but what ever. This character annoys me. His emo attitude,  his stupid clothes, his nails on chalkboard annoying voice and his terrible script.

I'll leave it at that, I've already discussed the balls to wall retarded romance. So yeah, Tidus sucked, why was he the main character? WHY WAS HE IN IT AT ALL.

1. This character should not exist. SHOULD NOT EXIST. Who decided to make her Australian? Why Square, why does she exist. She is one of the worst characters ever. Any game. Ever.

I could rant about her, but just google her name and youtube videos bitching about her existence come up. Fuck Vanille, she single handily made FF13 unplayable.


  1. Cool/Solid list. On my list, Tidus is the number one

  2. Haha that's some funny stuff. It always seemed like FF has useless characters.

  3. I think i mentioned it in the first post
    But i havnt played 8 which is why they dont get any mention

  4. tidus is allright, but i hated eiko so much

  5. I never really got into FF much :/

  6. whens the list of most awesome chars comming? ;)

  7. Cait Sith takes the cake.

    FF7 would have been better off without that character, no doubt.

    I can't even give a good reason for why i hate Cait Sith, I just do.

    I dunno.
    Prolly cause it sucked in battle.


  8. I'm quite glad I didn't play any FF games after 9. :)

  9. noctis is the most annoying character..seriously

  10. i agree with nr 1 pick

  11. I found Vanille's voice quite appealing actually. It was annoying at the start, but over time you get used to it and now she's in my main party :D

    still, her mind is completely arbitrary and don't seem to have any social connection or rational thoughts. Still like her though.

  12. STOP TROLLING YOU DIPSH!T FUCKHEAD WITH YOUR STUPID CRAP NONSENSE, I bet you never even played any of those games, asshole

  13. Honestly Hope from FF13 annoys me, hes a little bitch, sad excuse for a man, always trying to have someone look after him.