Sunday, February 27, 2011

Real Life Superhero

In the dark streets of Dublin, crime rages and only one man can stand against the tide.
The Purple Avenger prowls the streets defending justice.

I followed him around with a Camera
This is him

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skyrim Gameplay Trailer

So, here it is, the first look at Syrims game play. I can't wait, this looks awesome.
11.11.11 cant come any sooner.

If you haven't played Oblivion, you really need to. One of the greatest games to grace the PS3, X-Box 360 and the PC
You can pick this game up for like 20 quid, even less if pre owned and you'll want to so you can fully appreciate Syrim. RPG nerds of the world unite!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 5 Most Awesome Final Fantasy Characters

 So it's wednesday! Which means its Nerd-day! Yeah i'm working on a schedule now, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. One of said days will be music, the other 2 will be nerdy things!

So it seemed a little unfair to just do a list of the most annoying characters so here is a list of my 5 favourite characters. Final Fantasy has its golden moments where it makes these awesome characters who everyone remembers. Well should remember, for some reason people only remember Cloud and whats his face, Sephiroth.

Anyway here is my list! Hope you enjoy, comment below on who would make your list.

No. 5 - Zidane

I love 9, it's my favourite of all the games okay! Zidane is part of that reason. Unlike Cloud, Tidus and Vaan (Annoying Emo Kids) He actually stands for something. He isn't fighting for some selfish ambition of revenge or to get home. No, he fights only to help Vivi and Garnet (Okay he did want to tap that as well) regardless! He was a true gentleman, and he kept me laughing with his teasing of Steiner.

The only main character worth a dam. (This list is VII and beyond) His tail didnt even ruin  him for me, at all. I know that seems unfair seeing as I gave out about Frans rabbit ears but this is my list, I dont need to be fair and balanced!

No. 4 - Cid

Cid is a bad ass, spear wielding, cigarette smoking, loud mouthed airship captain who was the real leader of the Team Save the World in FF7. This character just reeked badassness. He kicked ass, he cursed and he had a spear. In a world where everyone uses guns it takes a bad ass to use a spear (Tifa gets credit for using her fists) Cid was by far my favourite Final Fantasy 7 character, i was insulted when he only got like 2 lines in Advent Children.

No. 3 - Balthier

Balthier was Final Fantasy 12s most redeeming feature. He's a freaking sky pirate! With some of the best dialogue in any Final Fantasy game. This character is the definition of cool. The real protagonist of FF 12 with a real back story, unlike Vaan (Wawawa you're an orphan, we get it!)
His gun was pretty sweet too, he was the only character where I actually bothered keeping them with their original weapon just because it looked sweet. This game should have focused more on him and less on Vaan.

No. 2 - Auron

Auron was Final Fantasy X's saving grace. A big ass dude with a big ass sword and limited but always awesome dialogue. Not to mention the fact that even dying didn't stop this crazy son of a bitch.

He's a fucking Tank, nothing stops Auron, nothing. He even looks cool, just look at his outfit and before his overdrives he takes a sip of alcohol. Bad Ass.

No. 1 - Vivi

I doubt anyone saw this coming but Vivi is without a doubt the finest character to ever grace this game. A heartfelt story, he looks cool and he's a total bad ass. Vivi was the perfect character, if you don't believe me, play 9 again and really focus on him, he's perfect. Well except his Grandad...

But regardless, i love Vivi, hes not only my favourite FF characters of all time but one of my favourite Video game characters of all time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 Most Annoying Final Fantasy Characters - Part 2

5. Eiko - The little summoner who couldn't, this little moron wouldn't have been so bad had she not chosen to comment on everything! She does not shut up, ever. She's like 6 years old and is obsessed with Zidane. It isn't funny or cute it's just annoying and she never stops. EVER. Beware of this girl, she joins the game late but when she joins she makes up for what she missed.
Also she just isn't that useful a character, she is a watered down version of Garnet. I'll just stick with Garnet thanks, 16 is slightly less weird than 6. Square shouldn't use so many kids, it's getting weird.

4. Cait Sith - A talking cat riding a robot demon moogle. That is all

3. Yuna - A vapid pushover with a retarded sense of duty. So Retarded even Tidus realised she was a moron. Which is saying a lot. The girl was horribly voice acted and no sympathy could be given to her when you consider the kind of choices the little moron made.

Towards the end of the game i became Jaded with her and Tidus' bad romance. It was just bad, very bad. Badly written I mean, why does she love him? Because he laughed that one time? Or because he screamed real loud that same time?

About as believable as Attack of the Clones love story.

Which brings us into number 2.

2. Tidus  - Who ever decided to give Ellen Degeneres a sword clearly had their priorities wrong. Very wrong. This character has all the same problems as Yuna and then some. The "Main Character" Its his "Story". Even though it's clearly Yunas story, but what ever. This character annoys me. His emo attitude,  his stupid clothes, his nails on chalkboard annoying voice and his terrible script.

I'll leave it at that, I've already discussed the balls to wall retarded romance. So yeah, Tidus sucked, why was he the main character? WHY WAS HE IN IT AT ALL.

1. This character should not exist. SHOULD NOT EXIST. Who decided to make her Australian? Why Square, why does she exist. She is one of the worst characters ever. Any game. Ever.

I could rant about her, but just google her name and youtube videos bitching about her existence come up. Fuck Vanille, she single handily made FF13 unplayable.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top 10 Most Annoying Final Fantasy Characters - Part 1

Love it or hate it, we've all played at least one Final Fantasy game. I've played several and each time i play there are characters that just stick out and drive you crazy. Good guys and  bad guys alike... Final Fantasy never ceases to annoy me. Yet I keep playing them, anyway, here's the top 10 most annoying characters who had the audacity to plague Final Fantasy!

10 - Quina Quen

Quina cursed Final Fantasy 9. This character was a horrible addition to my favourite of the franchise. He was completely unnecessary and brought nothing to the game. Annoying, silly and out of place. The reason he/she is so low down on the list is because he isn't actually in the game all that often so though its annoying, its not all that common.

9. Cloud Strife

I know I'll  get some hate for this pick but you know what? This character drove me fucking crazy. All he ever did was complain. He single handily made emo socially acceptable and popularised bad hair cuts. Yes he has a big ass sword but I kept thinking he'd use it on himself. Yeah I know who he had a crappy life but so did Vivi from 9 and he didn't complain nearly as much and he had more reason to! Also he was a child. Cloud is supposed to be an adult. So yeah, fuck Cloud, he's just an Emo douche, Cid was the real bad ass in that game.

8. Seymour

Seymour is the least intimidating main villain in the history of Final Fantasy and that includes the lady boy in FF9. He's a glorified stalker who just can't quite understand that no means no. He attacks you, a lot. I mean a lot. However he's only challenging once and even then a few Aeon overdrives will do him in. When you finally fight him he goes down in seconds. Also, the voice actor, they were going for chilling but ended up with creepy. Also, why does he have a blue hair? Ugh this character just reeks of annoying.

7. Vaan

Vaan is an annoying wannabe hero with no real character worth mention. He's just kind of there. He isn't an important part of the plot he is more of an observer. Ashe and Balthier are the real protagonists. So Vaan is just sort of there. Annoying, vapid, socially retarded and not wearing nearly enough clothes. Not much can be said about the little retard other than he's a bit of a retard. The game could have done without him and I wish it had.

6. Fran

 Rabbit Ears! Really?! Rabbit Ears? Yeah that alone ruined this character for me. I hate Fran, her voice, her ears and her useless nature. I only ever used her when my other characters had fainted. Dammit Square, WHY RABBIT EARS!?

Why did Balthier go out with this moronic character, ugh i hate Fran. Yeah i know it seems like I'm picking on 12 but that's the last mention 12 will get.

Anyway, that's part 1 of my top 10! Part 2 will be out sometime during the week in which the top 5 most annoying characters get what's coming to them! Can you guess who will win the #1?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fable 3

How to sum up Fable 3 in a single sentence?
Like this. Fable 3 was a game with so a lot of potential that ultimately falls short due to failed expectations.

Fable 3 is part of the Triad of Western fantasy RPG series to be making big sales. The other two being Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls. Oh and this Triad mainly exists in my head, there are probably other series im forgetting about. Anyways. . .
Fable falls short against the other two series, and why?

Interesting world and characters? Check
Fun Game play? Check

What else could you ask for? Well in a hack'n'slasher not much
But this is supposed to the "Ultimate Role Playing Game" so it needs more depth. Well that's not true, it needs the depth where it counts. The ability to catch STIs or to have a child is a little out of place. Albion could be such a rich and wonderful world. However all the energy they put into making these games is misplaced.  I want more towns, more back story, more actual story!

Fable just doesn't feel big enough. When i finished that game i just kind of though "Wait, that's it?"
The story ends half way through and you're thrown into another story with a crap villain and a disappointing conclusion. And there's almost no towns or dungeons to explore! Its all so small, so uninteresting and ultimately a let down.

So, rather than just nay saying. lets talk about how Fable could be the awesome king of RPGs (Well Dragon Age wears the crown)

1. Gameplay - Fable is a video game so it needs to improve its game play. Its fun but way too simple. Give me more attacks and magic attacks. There are more than 3 buttons on the Xbox controller.

2. Setting - Albion is great, but way too small, fix that shit. Also more heroes! There were 4 in Fable 2 and only 1 in Fable 3? Isnt this series about Heroes!

3. Story - Simply, hire better story writers, the villains sucked and the story was choppy =p FIX IT

Okay these improvement ideas are all very broad, so ill let Lionhead fill in the blanks, but just remember, stick to the fantasy element,

In conclusion, Fable 3 is a good game with great potential that simply misses the point, i look forward to Fable 4, this series still has room to improve