Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top 10 Most Annoying Final Fantasy Characters - Part 1

Love it or hate it, we've all played at least one Final Fantasy game. I've played several and each time i play there are characters that just stick out and drive you crazy. Good guys and  bad guys alike... Final Fantasy never ceases to annoy me. Yet I keep playing them, anyway, here's the top 10 most annoying characters who had the audacity to plague Final Fantasy!

10 - Quina Quen

Quina cursed Final Fantasy 9. This character was a horrible addition to my favourite of the franchise. He was completely unnecessary and brought nothing to the game. Annoying, silly and out of place. The reason he/she is so low down on the list is because he isn't actually in the game all that often so though its annoying, its not all that common.

9. Cloud Strife

I know I'll  get some hate for this pick but you know what? This character drove me fucking crazy. All he ever did was complain. He single handily made emo socially acceptable and popularised bad hair cuts. Yes he has a big ass sword but I kept thinking he'd use it on himself. Yeah I know who he had a crappy life but so did Vivi from 9 and he didn't complain nearly as much and he had more reason to! Also he was a child. Cloud is supposed to be an adult. So yeah, fuck Cloud, he's just an Emo douche, Cid was the real bad ass in that game.

8. Seymour

Seymour is the least intimidating main villain in the history of Final Fantasy and that includes the lady boy in FF9. He's a glorified stalker who just can't quite understand that no means no. He attacks you, a lot. I mean a lot. However he's only challenging once and even then a few Aeon overdrives will do him in. When you finally fight him he goes down in seconds. Also, the voice actor, they were going for chilling but ended up with creepy. Also, why does he have a blue hair? Ugh this character just reeks of annoying.

7. Vaan

Vaan is an annoying wannabe hero with no real character worth mention. He's just kind of there. He isn't an important part of the plot he is more of an observer. Ashe and Balthier are the real protagonists. So Vaan is just sort of there. Annoying, vapid, socially retarded and not wearing nearly enough clothes. Not much can be said about the little retard other than he's a bit of a retard. The game could have done without him and I wish it had.

6. Fran

 Rabbit Ears! Really?! Rabbit Ears? Yeah that alone ruined this character for me. I hate Fran, her voice, her ears and her useless nature. I only ever used her when my other characters had fainted. Dammit Square, WHY RABBIT EARS!?

Why did Balthier go out with this moronic character, ugh i hate Fran. Yeah i know it seems like I'm picking on 12 but that's the last mention 12 will get.

Anyway, that's part 1 of my top 10! Part 2 will be out sometime during the week in which the top 5 most annoying characters get what's coming to them! Can you guess who will win the #1?



  2. I haven't played any of the PS1 FF games (except 7) but Vaan would be my #1 pick. I hate him. Annoying, ugly, and just eeew.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  3. OMFG I hated Vaan, he looks like A lame A&F model

  4. I only played FFs on the PS1, too young to get the story at the time, don't really remember finding anyone annoying though. Maybe its just so long ago that I can't remember.

  5. looking forward to part 2. make sure vanille from part 13 is at the top of the list. she is the worst by far.

  6. Quina Quen is probably the most ridiculous character.

  7. @TheIntenetView

    But he isnt in it much so i put him low

  8. Why the hate on Fran? I love Fran! Something about the raspy voice and the ears did me in...

  9. cid was ok, i agree with you about cloud, he was a bitch. but vincent was the true bad ass

    Poetry <3

  10. I agree with you on all of those, exept fran. I actually kind of like the bunny ears. Vaan sucks though.

  11. Cloud is just a pretty boy in FF VII I'll go for vincent for the badass.

  12. I hated Vaan but I liked Fran.

  13. Not much of a huge Final Fantasy fan, but I have seen the movies, played X, X-2, 12, 13, know the stories from the other ones, and my favorite is Balthier.

    I don't know, he just seems to be a very realistic character, far more realistic than any other character, and when you can pull of being a bad ass in Final Fanasy while being realistic, then you just have to be given an award.

    Quite frankly, I would of preffered Final Fantasy 12 to be a game of its own, with a differen't name. That way we would see more of Balthier. But sadly, I doubt we'll ever see him again.
    Could of atleast put him in dissidia.

    As for Seymour -Cowars behind wall- I actually liked him. He had this creepy, yet non intimidating feel, but still kind of like an unpredicatble feel.

    But still, Balthier is one awesome mofo. It would of been cool if he was actually one of those types of characters that were in all the games, but obviously without the history of being in the other games. The guy just wreaks of charisma.