Friday, April 1, 2011


Burningwood still exists! Ive just been preoccupied with a server I was playing on, However I have found a cool mod that gives me limitless resources so I'm building Burningwood with Gusto once more and built a Barracks.
I'm also using a Rome themed texture pack that looks sweet.

This my beautiful fort, essentially its there to keep the criminals pissing their pants and to stop any EVIL CULTISTS OF EVUL from attacking.

This is the main hall, supplies and paintings are seen, as well as a maintenance room, which exists only for the fucking door bell...

here we see the second part of the second floot, leading to the second floor, under city tunnel system as well as to the dark room that totally isnt a torture chamber. 

Just you're average obsidian room... Nothing going on here

See, not a torture room, A SIGN says so, signs never lie.

The second floor, where the grunts sleep and have confusing dreams

And the tower, big tower, Creepers be warned, we have a tower

There is more to show you but I plan on doing BEDA (Blog Every Day April) so need all the material I can get!