Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fable 3

How to sum up Fable 3 in a single sentence?
Like this. Fable 3 was a game with so a lot of potential that ultimately falls short due to failed expectations.

Fable 3 is part of the Triad of Western fantasy RPG series to be making big sales. The other two being Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls. Oh and this Triad mainly exists in my head, there are probably other series im forgetting about. Anyways. . .
Fable falls short against the other two series, and why?

Interesting world and characters? Check
Fun Game play? Check

What else could you ask for? Well in a hack'n'slasher not much
But this is supposed to the "Ultimate Role Playing Game" so it needs more depth. Well that's not true, it needs the depth where it counts. The ability to catch STIs or to have a child is a little out of place. Albion could be such a rich and wonderful world. However all the energy they put into making these games is misplaced.  I want more towns, more back story, more actual story!

Fable just doesn't feel big enough. When i finished that game i just kind of though "Wait, that's it?"
The story ends half way through and you're thrown into another story with a crap villain and a disappointing conclusion. And there's almost no towns or dungeons to explore! Its all so small, so uninteresting and ultimately a let down.

So, rather than just nay saying. lets talk about how Fable could be the awesome king of RPGs (Well Dragon Age wears the crown)

1. Gameplay - Fable is a video game so it needs to improve its game play. Its fun but way too simple. Give me more attacks and magic attacks. There are more than 3 buttons on the Xbox controller.

2. Setting - Albion is great, but way too small, fix that shit. Also more heroes! There were 4 in Fable 2 and only 1 in Fable 3? Isnt this series about Heroes!

3. Story - Simply, hire better story writers, the villains sucked and the story was choppy =p FIX IT

Okay these improvement ideas are all very broad, so ill let Lionhead fill in the blanks, but just remember, stick to the fantasy element,

In conclusion, Fable 3 is a good game with great potential that simply misses the point, i look forward to Fable 4, this series still has room to improve


  1. Fable III was awesome! nice review man!

  2. I agree, I loved the first Fable so much but when I bought the 3rd part I felt a little disappointed.

  3. Still waiting on it to be released on the pc, hopefully they have listened to some of the criticism.

  4. Second game was my favorite! good post