Monday, October 11, 2010

Being an Atheist in Ireland is fun

So, i stopped believing in god when I was about 11 years old. Why you ask? Well nothing spectacular it just stopped making sense to me but that's not why I am here, I don't intend or even want to convert you christys
I'm talking about being an Atheist in what is easily the most and simultaneously the least christian nation in Europe. Some background, Ireland is Christian in the same sense Good Charlotte is punk, sure they dressed the part.. which is pretty unpunk if you think about it, but they never had the heart, or something

All talk, thats what they were, same rule applies to Ireland and religion, i wonder why so many went to church, must be the sacramental wine..
Anyway, in good poser tradition, they liked to talk the talk, and as such I was taught all about the bible as a kid, including Adam and Eve, i shit you not, they actually taught me that
Fast forward about 7 years and I'm 16  and sitting in Religion class while my nut job of a religion teacher is telling the class that she saw a Banshee when she was a kid and I'm thinking, what the fuck is wrong with this woman, some weeks later shes spouting on that Scientology is bullshit (which it is) but i politely remind that she believes a man can walk on water, and she doesn't yell at me.. no.. no she ... she... AGREES with me
No greater insult, clever bitch, but still, i can tell i pissed her off, and from that point onward i continued to remind her and remind her and remind her of all the crazy shit she believes in

Conclusion? She let me listen to my iPod in class

There ya go simpletons, wanna listen to music in class? Just contradict everything your teacher says


  1. "Ireland is Christian in the same sense Good Charlotte is punk"

    Best analogy ever.

    Also, I'm sure teachers aren't allowed to tell you about their faith? Especially not R.E teacher. Never mind eh? Haha.

  2. :D Loved the post, keep them coming.

  3. careful calling teachers on their bullshit friend. the nail that sticks up gets pounded back down. look forward to more.

  4. lol same in cali....not really but yea