Friday, October 8, 2010

Nostalgia and Shit

Hello simpletons

Petty insults behind us, how are you doing today?
I'm good thanks for asking... Ahem
Yeah, theres a point to this blog don't rush me

So assuming most of you are between the age of 16-20 i can safely say you've played Pokemon
Pokemon is awesome Gen 1 and Gen 2 at least, what the fuck happened afterwards? I dont know either
But still, i love Blue/Red/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal
Recently I've been playing Heart Gold on DS and it includes some pokemon ive never heard off and i keep thinking, whats the point? This is a remake, dont add new ones, who wants that, thats like adding lemon to Coke... and we all know how royally that sucked

Speaking of Awesome
Enjoy the song of the day



  1. Pokemon was dead to me after the original Blue and Red on Gameboy. Good times

  2. I had like $100 of pokemon cards at one time, now I only have shitty ones, don't know where they went or I could have been rich. Interesting song buddy, I run a Daily song blog too, you should check it out

  3. there's close to 400 pokemon now? what has the world come to?