Thursday, October 14, 2010

Suit Up Day!

So, today was Suit Up Day, the holiday dedicated to How I Met Your Mothers real leading man, BARNEY STINSON! So to celebrate I wore a suit into college today as did one of my friends. My only regret today is that I didn't play any laser tag... How did you guys spend Suit Up Day? Did you even know it was on? If you did would you have done it? Answer me these riddles 3.

In other news, I'm looking for a job, many things I wish to buy, none more important than a new computer, mine has hit shits ville. It still works, but its slow and the fans too loud, makes doing anything a real fucking pain, computers about 5 years old, so probably as powerful as the iPhone 4, and dont get me wrong, I'm all for rapidly advancing tech, I'd just be more on board if i could afford it!
Hmm if only someone would pay me full time to bitch on the internet... The amazing atheist has it MADE!
I'm buying a new fan for my PC soon, one that actually fits, I think I'll restart my vlog when that happens, we'll see, I'd love to do that again, I'll still update this most days, typing is a lot easier you see, for I am LAZY! 



  1. I think we could all make a lot of money bitching on the internet if there were a job like that.

  2. careful with that fan, ive lost a few comps to overheating...

  3. speaking of how i met your mother, i've been madly in love with alyson hannigan since buffy.

  4. Theres a holiday for that?? My god! How did I not know??

  5. I wish i had a suit :[ first... i need monies! gimmie all your money >:}