Monday, November 29, 2010

My absense, zombies and my favourite video makers

Ehm, yeah sorry guys! It's been a while, college work kind of just overwhelmed me!, I'm procrastinating as i type!
So, I've started watching the walking dead, pretty good.. but their survival skills are a little amateur, they should really read my blog on the subject, of which I'll be adding a part 2 soon, assuming college gives me a chance!
Another thing I want to talk about is Online Video Makers. I'm sure we all have youtube accounts and subscribe to some. Not all of them are on youtube of course, very strict that site about cursing... Cunts

So who is your favourite? I find myself loving TheSpoonyOne, Yahtzee, DanBrown(PogoBat), thevlogbrothers and a host of others.
Who do you hate? I despise Shane Dawson, iJustine, Shay Carl (yeah i said it!) that whole LA gang really.. Except Kassem and SxePhil, they're actually funny..

But yeah, the Spoony One is easily the greatest on the net (your opinion means nothing on this matter) and I'll tell you why.
Noah (his real name) manages to make a 10 part series on why final fantasy 8 sucks, incredibly interesting! funny, and eye opening. He opened my eyes to the highs and catastrophic lows of the highlander series as well as the hilarity that is FMV video games

He covers video games, movies, D&D, Wrestling and a bunch of other stuff all on his own website

PS, he has an epic theme song!
PPS here a bunch of links to other cool people


That Guy with the Glasses (Home of the nostalgia critic and a bunch of other video makers, including Paw, Rosie, Angry Joe, Linkara etc.)

Wheezy Waiter (greatest youtuber by far)

PPS Sorry this blog kind of sucks, just wanted to update you all and stuff


  1. At least you let us know you live!

    I'm loving Walking Dead, I'm sad that it ends next weekend till later next year.

  2. I know Wheezy Waiter and it's really great, I recommend to everyone ;) !