Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay, its been a while and I need to be interesting. My last 2 blogs sucked (apologies for that)

So yeah, Steve Jobs got sick.. Not interesting
Shit went down in Tunisia, Interesting, but not in regards to this blog
Couples to Share Paternity Leave? Snoooze Fest

The world just doesnt want me to entertain you guys!
I suppose itll take some original content, Hmm
Maybe i should share a tale
A tale of adventure! Of War and Conquest!
Well im a 19 year old Suburban College Student so no luck there.

Okay! Final Fantasy it is
Yeah my mind works like this

Guys, what do you think of the FF series thus far?
Which games have you played and which are your favourites
Ill be brutally honest, i hate Cloud, hate him more than a man should be able to hate a fictional character!
He's a big emo, half of Final Fantasy 7 is just pressing X while he complains about life
Do you know who's life also Sucked? Auron, dude was Dead! (Oh yeah spoilers) Didnt complain about it though. Tidus was also a complete twat, as was Vaan. The Only game to have a good main character (of the ones ive played, though by what ive heard Squalls just as bad) Is 9. Zidains a cool dude, he has a tail sure, and dresses like a tranny, but hes fun and doesnt cry all the time. Win Win really

So yeah

FF9 (Vivi is the man)
FF10 (Tidus sucked but Auron carried it through)
FF12 (Balthier you smug son of a bitch i love you)
FF13 (It was pretty at least)
FF7 (Yeah that bad)

So troll me guys, i know you all have opinions!

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  1. i stopped playing the game after FF10, 8 was one of my favorites